Purple Dragon Ring


These rings are brass and engraved with the purple dragon symbol of the Obarskyr royal family. The wearer may use it to creat light once per round, either on the ring or up to 40 feet away. This effect lasts 10 minutes. (Unlike the light spell, the wearer cannot dismiss the effect.) Its second power is to detect poison on command by touch. When this power is activated and the ring touched to a creature or object (typically food or drink), it glows an eerie gold-green if the substance is poisonous. The ring cannot identify what sort of poison is present, not can it detect poisons in the area.

The purple dragons use these rings to protect the royal family from assassination attempts by poison. Over 4,000 of these rings have been made. Rings with similar function are in common circulation, created for nobles or merchants fearing poison.

A purple dragon ring can be worn on the same hand as a commander’s ring, and the pair counts as only one ring worn.

Caster level: 1st; Prereq: Forge Ring, light, detect poison; Market Price: 2,125 gp


Purple Dragon Ring

Artifact of Mystra Phineas